Public events

Sunday 18th March from 3pm to 7pm - Gatwick Play Munch. CANCELLED due to the weather.

Saturday 7th April from 12.30pm to 5pm - Building an Impact Play Scene presented by Vicky of Bondatrix. Have you ever thought about the different directions you could take an impact play scene in? Is it something you've done without realising and would like to explore further? This workshop will show some of the practical elements of how to use floggers, paddles, canes etc but with a view to how selecting different kit and using it in a variety of ways can take a scene in totally different directions. £20 per person.

Sunday 15th April from 3pm to 7pm - Gatwick Play Munch. A relaxed environment allowing likeminded kinksters an opportunity to get together and socialise once a month. Please note: This event is NOT a sex/swingers party. Please bring your own alcohol if you wish to drink. Tea, coffee, soft drinks and nibbles are provided. £10 for individuals/£15 per couple.

Saturday 2nd June from 1pm to 5.30pm - Bondage & Mummification Workshop presented by Vicky of Bondatrix. This experience afternoon will incorporate a workshop on how and why to put someone in bondage, bondage safety, and simple techniques using bondage tape, cuffs, handcuffs and rope and the differences between them and the effects you can achieve. It will then move on to more specialist bondage with the opportunity to try a vac bed and mummification under the expert guidance of Vicky of Bondatrix. £20 per person.

Sunday 14th October from 1pm to 5pm - Flogger Workshop with a demo by Aemilia Hawk of Kabunza Craftwerks. Whether you're a beginner wanting to learn about the safety aspects or an experienced kinkster keen to update your skills with carouselling, florentine or find out what the heck a ricochet is this is the workshop for you! You will have the opportunity to ask questions and purchase from the Kabunza on the day. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are provided. £10 per person.

Please email for further details.

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