Terms & Conditions

The Gatwick Dungeon is available for hire between 10am and 8.30pm seven days a week including Bank Holidays. The dungeon is not available for overnight stays.

The hire fee is £50 for one hour or £40 per hour for two hours or more (for a couple). There is a charge of £10 per additional person attending. Failure to disclose the number of people who will be on the premises will result in the booking being cancelled immediately and the full fee for the time booked still being charged.

A non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking. If more than 48 hours notice is given that you are unable to attend at the time you had booked the deposit can be transferred to a future date. If a new booking has not been made within three months of the cancellation the deposit will be forfeited.

Smoking (including e-cigarettes) is not permitted on the premises. The dungeon is fitted with heat and smoke detectors. If the Fire Brigade is called out for a false alarm you will be responsible for paying the fine.

Parking for two vehicles is provided during businesses hours. The Gatwick Dungeon is not liable for any damage or theft of any vehicles parked in the Gatwick Dungeon car park.

"Intimate" toys are not provided for hygiene reasons. You are welcome to bring your own with you.

Please be aware that excessive noise cannot be made during business hours. If you wish to be free to make a lot of noise please make an evening, weekend, or Bank Holiday booking. Thank you.

Visitors to the Gatwick Dungeon are responsible for their own safety and well being whilst on the premises. Please note that the use of Viagra with poppers is strictly forbidden at the Gatwick Dungeon due to the health risks.

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